Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The answer from above

While we game AI programmers noodle with our gross simplfications and regrettable /understandably unavoidable but also fun and challenging real-time performance constraints, we occasionally look up for any new answers from above, normally we are too busy to stay up to date, but it's the holidays and I am bored, I have no ps3 devkit here, nor a PC with a dev. environment to do some brainless coding... so I had to be brainful and start reading and so I stumbled upon this: "the currently available theories do not explain or engender anything resembling human-level general intelligence" what is meant here is theories coming from Information-processing psychology e.g: Cognitive Science and Cognitive Neuroscience. (source:

I wonder when such theories will start to be discovered and what kind of processing power we will have at the time and if they will good enough to allow the ones who will be peeking there at the time and spotting low hanging fruits to become famous applying them to video games (and other applications) being again, at the right time and place.