Friday, February 1, 2013

Old Links

I cleaned up the blog a bit and removed old links from the sidebar. This is a backup.

    "the long and short of steering in computer games"
    Good Navmesh / Pathfinding
    Reinforcement Learning basics
    Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction
    Paul Tozour on Pathfinding
    Modern Pathfinding Techniques
    AI - Stochastic Plan Optimization in Real-Time Strategy Games
    Lighting - The Light Field
    Lighting - Derivation of the Rendering Equation
    Lighting - Jaakko Lehtinen - Foundations of Precomputed Radiance Transfer
    Lighting - Radiometry and Light Transport
    Opt. PS3 - Branching
    Opt. Superscalar / Superpipeline CPUs
    Opt. PowerPC - Computer Arch. course
    Opt. XBox360 - At Least We Aren’t Doing That: Real Life Performance Pitfalls
    Optimization - c99 / restrict / aliasing
    Assembly - Write Great Code — Understanding the Machine, Volume I
    AI - Automatically-generated Convex Region Decomposition for Real-time Spatial Agent Navigation in Virtual Worlds
    AI - Dude, Where's My Warthog?
    AI - Weighted Majority Voting
    AI - Killzone’s AI: dynamic procedural combat tactics
    AI - Stochastic Plan Optimization in Real-Time Strategy Games

Sunday, January 6, 2013

And the future of 'standard' analysis was forged.

"At the time of Brouwer’s death it appeared that your choices were:
(1) accept Brouwer’s theories, give up most of mathematics and give up talking to most mathematicians; or
(2) accept Church’s thesis, give up analysis and give up talking to most mathematicians; or
(3) reject constructive mathematics entirely.
This was not a difficult choice for most mathematicians;" (Constructivity, Computability, and the Continuum, Michael Beeson)

The one moment when you ask: 'Is the constructed real number continuum really necessary?'

(Of course, only considered as enlightenment after you have really studied the continuum).

Intuition 'mismatch'

'To the criticism that the intuition of the continuum in no way contains those logical principles on which we must rely for the exact definition of the concept “real number,” we respond that the conceptual world of mathematics is so foreign to what the intuitive continuum presents to us that the demand for coincidence between the two must be dismissed as absurd. Nevertheless, those abstract schemata which supply us with mathematics must also underlie the exact science of domains of objects in which continua play a role.' (Weyl)

Friday, January 4, 2013