Friday, February 1, 2013

Old Links

I cleaned up the blog a bit and removed old links from the sidebar. This is a backup.

    "the long and short of steering in computer games"
    Good Navmesh / Pathfinding
    Reinforcement Learning basics
    Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction
    Paul Tozour on Pathfinding
    Modern Pathfinding Techniques
    AI - Stochastic Plan Optimization in Real-Time Strategy Games
    Lighting - The Light Field
    Lighting - Derivation of the Rendering Equation
    Lighting - Jaakko Lehtinen - Foundations of Precomputed Radiance Transfer
    Lighting - Radiometry and Light Transport
    Opt. PS3 - Branching
    Opt. Superscalar / Superpipeline CPUs
    Opt. PowerPC - Computer Arch. course
    Opt. XBox360 - At Least We Aren’t Doing That: Real Life Performance Pitfalls
    Optimization - c99 / restrict / aliasing
    Assembly - Write Great Code — Understanding the Machine, Volume I
    AI - Automatically-generated Convex Region Decomposition for Real-time Spatial Agent Navigation in Virtual Worlds
    AI - Dude, Where's My Warthog?
    AI - Weighted Majority Voting
    AI - Killzone’s AI: dynamic procedural combat tactics
    AI - Stochastic Plan Optimization in Real-Time Strategy Games