Tuesday, September 30, 2008

GI - Photon Mapping - Day 1 (Diffuse Scene)

Since it seems I will be having a bit free time soon, I decided to have a go at a 'Multi-core Global illumination using photon mapping' project, the goal is to write a photon mapper and then have some fun trying to make it make use of multiple cores on a PC (or Xbox 360 if XNA allows?).

I decided to start off with a ray tracer to use it as a base and go from there.
I used the WitchEngine (the engine I wrote for World of football) as a base.
It has more or less everything needed for math, camera, scene managment, and I will use it's KD-tree for acceleration as well later after I add ray shooting to it.

I started off by rendering to images using the freeimage library, and in the progress also got a tip to use the PixelToaster library from my friend/colleague Volker Arweiler who has been playing around with ray tracing as well.

after half a day's work, I have Super Sampling, diffuse (Lambertian) and hard shadows implemented.

So I am very sorry to have to show you yet another super basic ray tracing screenshot.

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MigNunes said...

hi there. I'm doing something similar to what you're doing, and I'm interested in the PixelToaster approach.
I was hopping if you could throw me a hit or two about it.
would you be so kind and reply me to mig.3 (at) clix.pt
thank you!