Thursday, January 27, 2011

66 Points to score your shooter AI.

I present a table that tries to capture the amount of AI sophistication in current shooters.
It is based on my experience, conversations with AI programmers, reviews, user comments and gameplay videos.

The points are roughly sorted by difficulty of implementation with current standard techniques.

It has been laying on my disk for quite some time waiting for a proper article for which I am never finding the time, so I finally gave up and decided to release it in hope for it to be useful even in this summarized table format.


Jorgemf said...

Take a look to this cognitive scale for bots in FPS, it is academic AI but can give you some inspiration:

P.s. I saw your comment in aigamedev, but I cannot comment there.

Jad said...

thank you!

shareisevolve said...

Really nice post.

I am working in my own shooter AI and this document will be really useful for me :)


Jad said...

Thanks, good luck with your shooter Jose.
Be sure to present it in the forums when there is something to show ;)

shareisevolve said...

I will do Jad.

AiGameDev and the Sandbox application where you are working is a source of inspiration for me :)

I really appreciate all your contributions to the AI because people like me can continue learning :)

Keep it up!


Jad said...

I have not actively worked on the sandbox for quite some time, but some other talented people are doing great work, have a chat with them on the IRC channel some day ;)

Thanks for the nice words, we are all still learning!