Saturday, May 21, 2011

Prediction about my future child's diary.

"Dear diary.
Monday, dad said we would go buy new tennis shoes if I find the one number that multiplied by itself, gives 9, by trial and error using multiplication, I found it very fast and I found nice shoes as well.

Tuesday, he said we would go buy a new chess board if I would do the same for 102.2121, it was more difficult but the result was the month and day of my birth, I liked that.

Today he must be going crazy, he said I can celebrate my birthday every week! if I do the same for 2, it took me all day and I am at 1.41421356237309504880168872420969807856967187537694807317667973799073247846210703885038753432764157273501384623091229702492483605585073721264412149709993583141322266592750559275579995050115278206057147010955997160597027453459686201472851741864088919860955232923048430871432145083976 but I must be really really close because 76 is the year my mom was born"

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