Wednesday, July 23, 2008

About Developer 'Brain Cache' misses

Coining terms is always an important step, it makes things clear, it makes people confident, it accelerates communication and most importantly, it allows one to break out from the loop of continuously thinking about the term's details, making it a building block, a box, that is understood and can be built upon.

I am therefore Coining the Term 'Brain Cache'.

As usual, this is a topic I recurrently think about, the cost of switching between different parts of a project or different projects. Being mostly the only developer working on World Of Football, it used to happen that I would need to switch between different components of the project, this would mostly happen when we need to add some features to our xml based world in order for our genius designer to be able to independently work on some new things, or try some new assets and their related functionality.

This almost always proves to be quite taxing, it seems there indeed is a brain cache, and when you are working in depth on something, and you get interrupted, you get ... a brain cache miss, it breaks the rythm and is much more annoying that one might think, the rythm is broken again when you get back to continue what you were doing before you were interrupted.

Of course, sometimes it is unavoidable, but it better be kept to a minimum with a plan that minimizes the need for such situations by batching related tasks together, even if they should not necessarily be coded together featurewize. This means if 2 features are related in that the mental context to code them is cache friendly, they better be batched together even if the second feature is not really needed in the time the 1st one is being implemented, of course, as with all things, it is a balance, this time between feature progress and brain cache thrashing.

The real point here is that the thrashing cost should not be understimated, it is fairly high, specially when small tasks keep interrupting big and complex ones. So better batch together all those editor features you know will eventually come!
And don't Thrash my cache!

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