Saturday, July 19, 2008

'a**hole driven development' coined at last
Bull's Eye!!

but don't stop there, there are even more words in this great blog that materialize thoughts I (and many) always have, but never feel the need to cleanly write them down.

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I’ve seen organizations that measure things like:

  • How many hours you were in the office
  • Number of Reports, specifications written
  • Presentations given
  • Calls made
  • Lines of code written
  • Number of bugs fixed
  • E-mails sent
All of these are poor measurements, since they only capture activity. Fixing more bugs on a given day may mean that you only chose easy ones to work on. Lines of code measures only verbosity, not quality. All measurements have loopholes that can be exploited. But since it’s so easy to measure these things, it’s common to see them. They can help a manager, but only if they are interpreted carefully, used in conjunction with other information..........


Measuring individual progress:

  • How much closer did your work today get us to finishing the project?
  • Does the quality level of your work match what we need?
  • How many people on the team have you positively influenced?
  • What challenges did you overcome?
  • What challenges did you prevent from ever happening?
  • What difficult, but essential, questions did you ask that others forgot?
  • How did you make us more efficient towards our goals today?
  • What roadblocks are you currently facing that prevent faster progress?

Measuring team progress:

  • How much closer are we to fulfilling our goals?
  • How close are we to the needed levels of quality?
  • What unaddressed problems are slowing us down?
  • Is our remaining schedule accurate? What would make it more so?
As a manager, whenever I’d stop by someone’s office and say “How’s it going?” it was often these questions of individual and team progress that I was trying to get at. When I did my job well I’d spend much of the day in conversations about these things, or in arguments trying to get conversations to focus on these things........

bull's eye again!!! please ... bookmark this blog and read it!

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