Monday, October 6, 2008

GI - Photon Mapping - Day 3 (Multi-Threading)

Today I added multi-threading to the Ray tracing renderer.
on my Dual-Core machine at work, the rendering time with multi-threading enabled takes a bit more than half the time needed with multi-threading off, this is of course excellent.

The absolute times are still irrelevant since the rendering itself is not yet optimized (no spatial subdivision).

I added multi-threading by allowing the renderer to split the render area to a configurable amount of regions, each region creating a RenderJob which is then sent to a TaskManager as a task.
The TaskManager in turn, has a configurable amount of Threads waiting to execute any virtual tasks they get, it is all pretty robust and thread-safe (where it needs to be).
Of course, since we are only rendering, the whole scene is 'read only' during the job, so there is not much to be done in terms of synchronization, ray tracing is pretty parallel out of the box.

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